About Us

The money site was created by the owner of the site, and the business name was based on the movie played by Steve McQueen, called The Thomas crown affair.

The reason i choose a casino related site, was cos there is no products to post in the mail to customers, and customers can play in real time, as most other businesses have to send there products by mail, and this puts a lot of people off, as they can be waiting for there shopping products for weeks on end.

And the site has products in the side bar for products unrelated to casinos, but most are digital products which the customer can down load instantly after they buy, so again no waiting for the post man to come, so the money site is for making money, or saving money, and plus all our casinos offer all our customers big free welcome bonuses, to give you a great start to hope fully winning a £1 Million pound Jackpot.

Play all the worlds greatest lottery jackpots all from the same site, and with over 2,000 Of the worlds greatest stores in the side bar, were sure we have some think of value for every body. So enjoy the money site, and tell all your friends about it too.

A True story, in 1997 i was working as a night porter in a hotel in Jersey, on the channel islands, and i got an expensive book by mail order, and i did not like the book after i had paid about £57 for it, so i decided to try to get a refund, but i was told no, they don’t do refunds,

But i was told i can have any other products from there mail order booklet, so instead of losing £57, i choose a product from there catalogue, called a do it your self, name changing kit, all i had to do was take the document to a lawyer to sign, it was called an affidavit, and i thought of changing my name to Thomas crown,

From the Steve McQueen movie, so i suddenly become Thomas Crown, it was strange suddenly every one i worked with calling me Tom, or Tommy, or Thomas crown, and Thomas, so that is the story of how the name for the business became The Crown Organization, a true story, hope you liked it.

Our Mission Statement:

Is to produce values for people, and we meet this mission, by providing casinos with massive jackpots, as well as big well come bonuses, and plus we offer discounts from all the worlds greatest stores, from Amazon, to Microsoft, to travel, all giving you cash back, as well as big discounted products of value.

And i am no longer Thomas Crown any more, and if you decide to sign up to our news letter, you can then look forward to quality top articles, we will deliver to you by email, so that’s all for now, so stay tuned to The Money Site, and The Crown Organization, and May We Make All Your Greatest Ever Dreams Come True, With All Our Big Massive and very Juicy Jackpots.

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