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Ten Top Weirdo Poker Terms You May Hear at the Tables

Poker has coined many odd terms and phrases over the years. Some of them are so strange that unless you are an experienced player you may have no idea what they mean. However, understanding these seemingly weird terms can make a big difference in your success at the poker table. Here are the top ten weirdo poker terms that have been identified.

If you hear that a player has been komodo dragooned, it means that their hand has been defeated because their opponent has completed a flush or straight over the river.

The “river” is a term used to define the last card given in all poker games. In Texas Hold’em or Omaha this card is also referred to as Fifth Street. In Stud games, the river is sometimes called Seventh Street.

The term “Santa Barbara” is an odd way a Texas Hold’em player might describe a hand if an Ace or King is one of their first two cards. This unique terminology is derived from a destructive oil spill of the coast of Santa Barbara. For this same reason, this hand may also be referred to by some as a big slick.

The term “pocket rocket” is used to describe a pair of Aces in the pocket or hole. Two Aces has also cleverly been referred to as American Airlines because of the obvious abbreviation AA.

Ducks is a strange way that a poker player may describe a pair of twos. This may be why professional poker player Paul Magriel kept saying, “Quack, quack” when he placed bets in denominations of two at the World Poker Tour.

Another popular term used by poker players is the suicide king. This phrase refers to the King of Hearts. The term was coined because the King of Hearts on the card appears to be stabbing himself in the head.

The phrase “throwing a party” may be used in a poker game when several novice players are being loose with their bets. Their amateur status may be contributing to the pot growing considerably, hence they are throwing a part for the rest of the players who are benefiting from their over aggressive wagering.

The term counterfeit is used to describe any hand that has been made worthless because of board cards that duplicate it. For example, if you have an eight and a seven in your hand and the flop displays a nine, ten, jack then you have a straight. However, if an eight comes on the turn your straight is practically worthless because it was duplicated.

The term “anaconda” is used to describe a form of seven card stud. In this game the card are passed to left and right, sometimes several times. Often five cards are chosen at the end and exposed all at the same time. Some players also refer to this as a Screwie Louie.

Little dog is a phrase used to describe a nonstandard hand that may have been assigned value in a private or home game. A little dog would be comprised of five cards falling between two and seven, with no pair among them. This hand ranks below a big dog, which is a nontraditional hand consisting of five cards between nine and ace with no pair, and above a straight.

These are just ten of some of the most common terms that are a little bit weird in poker. However, the list of strange phrases is as endless as the stories behind them. It is important to have a decent understanding of these terms before joining a poker table to insure you comprehend everything that is going on.

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