Terms Of Service

By using ‘The Money Site’ by Crown Organization, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions listed below. The terms below build a legally binding contract between The Crown Organization and the user, therefore, you’re requested to go through these terms carefully. ‘We’, ‘Company’, ‘Us’ etc. all refer to the Crown Organization and its properties.

To use any service or any facility on our website, you first need to register using your accurate information and credentials, failing to do so will restrict your access to our pages.

While registering, you confirm that you are minimum legal age in your jurisdiction, and you’re not from areas where it is illegal to participate in online gaming for betting purposes.

You confirm that all the information provided while registering or any time later is accurate and to the best of your knowledge. It must be noted that if your details are found fraudulent, strict legal action can be taken against you in accordance with relevant laws. We will confirm your details, for which we reserve the right to ask for multiple documents including valid IDs and payment options etc., and only after confirmation of your documents, you will be provided with a valid account for gaming and betting purposes.

We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without prior notice. All your transactions will be sealed and dealt with in compliance with the applicable laws.

It is solely up to us to offer games using multiple platforms, and we have the right to terminate any game at any time.
We reserve the right to restrict access to certain portions of our website to certain users.
The methods of payment and currencies supported for money-games can be changed from time to time and the company reserves the right to ask you to shift to the feasible currency option available at our platforms.

All the software downloaded from our website or our service providers are subject to these terms and conditions and these terms can change over time without any prior notice. You are advised to keep checking these terms from time to time to avoid any conflict. If updated, there will be a ‘Last Updated on’ status at the top or the bottom of the terms.
No unauthorized persons, including sports participants, bookies, affiliates or group employees or their relatives are allowed to register with us and they cannot use our facilities in any case.

All the payments and transactions are made though third-party service providers and you irrevocably allow us to authorize such transactions. All such providers are in a legally binding contract with us however, in case of any misshape, they will be held responsible.

For withdrawals, we take three working days for internal processing, however we reserve the right to perform security review before such withdrawals and transactions to ensure safety of your account.

Any abusive or illegal content may be deleted immediately from our gaming platforms and it may result in termination or suspension of your account for an indefinite period of time as company deems fit.
All the content on our website is the intellectual property of the Crown Organization and is protected by relevant copyright laws.

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